Nerf's Rival Curve Shot lets you blast around corners

Get a major tactical advantage in your next Nerf battle.

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Nerf fans are gonna have to find themselves better cover if they want to avoid getting tagged by the toymaker's latest blasters. The Rival Curve Shot line, which Hasbro will be unveiling on Tuesday, lets you fire around corners -- much like the 2008 movie Wanted.

Each of the three new blasters can also fire a foam dart fire up, down, left or right, so you can surprise opponents from any angle. You turn the rotating muzzle to choose whether you want the round to go straight, left, right or down. 

Nerf's Rival Curve Shot blasters let you twist your shots

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The Flex XXI-100, which costs $15, comes with five rounds and holds one at a time. The $25 Sideswipe XXI-1200 has a 12-round side-loading internal magazine, and a priming bolt that can attach to either side for right- and left-handed battlers. Both will be available from March 1.

For those who prefer a high-capacity blaster, the chunky Helix XXI-2000 includes an easy-load hopper for quick reloading, and it comes with 20 rounds. It'll set you back $30, and will be available exclusively at Target from Aug. 1.

Since a dart could come from any angle, Hasbro also suggests you use some protective eyewear while playing with these. 

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