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Nerf's new Ultra blasters have darts that fly farther than ever

The new design lets the darts fly up to 120 feet.


The Nerf dart is getting a far-flying makeover as part of the toy gun brand's new Ultra line revealed Monday. The new darts can now fly as far as 120 feet (37 meters), thanks to what Hasbro calls "Aerofin" technology.

The darts, which debut with the Nerf Ultra One Blaster, are still made of foam but make use of a new flight tip and other lightweight materials to be as light as possible. For now, these Ultra darts are only usable with the Ultra One blaster and future blasters set for that line, and aren't compatible with previous Nerf lines.

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So how exactly do these darts look while they fly? You can see it in this GIF.


The Ultra One that uses these darts is a motorized blaster that includes a 25-dart drum along with on-board storage for quick reloading. The blaster is powered by four C batteries and is set to be released this fall at $50 (roughly converting to £40 and AU$75). The blasters are on preorder starting today at stores like Walmart, Target and Amazon, with the blasters becoming available in stores starting Oct. 1.

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