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Negroni Sbagliato With Prosecco: Why Emma D'Arcy's Drink of Choice Went Viral

The way the House of the Dragon star says it is making the internet feel things.

Meara Isenberg Associate Writer
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Meara Isenberg
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Emma D'Arcy and Olivia Cooke discuss their go-to alcoholic beverages.

Video screenshot by Meara Isenberg/CNET

Sometimes, after a long day dealing with enemies fuming about your status as heir or questioning your kids' legitimacy, all you want to do is kick back and relax with a stiff drink.

What would House of the Dragon star Emma D'Arcy's character, the ever-pressed Princess Raenerya, imbibe? You're probably already familiar with the answer.

In a video posted to HBO Max's TikTok account on Oct. 1., D'Arcy revealed their drink of choice to co-star Olivia Cooke, who plays Queen Alicent. "A negroni ... sbagliato ... with prosecco in it," D'Arcy says with playful pauses in between. "Oh, stunning," Cooke replies. 

The internet has deemed the clip, which has 1.5 million likes as of this writing, as scorching as dragon's breath. D'Arcy's voice, in particular, is getting a lot of attention, with users calling it "so soothing" and likening it to "extremely expensive" aged wine.

"The way they said 'with prosecco in it' made me melt," one commenter wrote. 

The actor's delivery ignited a TikTok trend where users post their own videos mouthing D'Arcy's words. More than 16,000 videos have used the sound so far. Here are a few examples: 

Now that you've caught up on the trend, let's talk about that drink, which bartenders say is now getting requested more than usual thanks to D'Arcy. 

A negroni is an Italian cocktail made with gin, red vermouth and Campari. A negroni Sbagliato substitutes prosecco for gin. So it's a little less boozy, perfect for those occasions when you don't want to overdo it ... or for an embattled heir who's too busy for a hangover. 

House of the Dragon, a prequel series set 200 years before Game of Thrones, has nearly wrapped up its first season. The second-to-last episode premieres on Sunday. You can watch a longer version of the conversation between D'Arcy and Cooke on HBO Max's YouTube channel. 

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