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Natalie Portman would love to meet her Star Wars son, Mark Hamill

In response to Hamill's tweet, Portman jokes that "happy birthday" would be a first step.

Natalie Portman hasn't met her Star Wars son, Mark Hamill, yet, but she would like to.

Last weekend, Hamill retweeted a happy birthday tweet to Portman by adding in "Fun Fact: I've never met this woman," which is hilarious since Portman's Queen Amidala is Luke Skywalker's mom.

Portman replied to the tweet during her Thursday appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, saying that she would love to meet him. The moment is at the 30-second mark in the video embedded above. (Disclosure: The Late Show airs on CBS, which is CNET's parent company.)

"Mark, I'd love to meet you, where are you? Come over," Portman said. However, she did joke that Hamill did not wish her a happy birthday in the tweet, and remarked that that would be a start.

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