Satellite of Love could become a real 'MST3K' Lego set

You could be playing with Lego versions of Joel, Mike, Cambot and others with this "Mystery Science Theater 3000" project up for a vote on the Lego Ideas site.

This proposed Lego set for "Mystery Science Theater 3000" includes every hallway door that opens and shuts Satellite of Love, as well as the movie theater at the end.
Lego Ideas

Now that we're getting another season of the sci-fi comedy TV series "Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return" on Netflix, why not give this "MST3K" Lego tribute some love on Lego Ideas?

The Lego Ideas site encourages fans to make and propose their suggestions for kits, and if they get enough votes from the public, submissions enter the Lego review process.  

The inhabitants of the Satellite of Love get the Lego treatment in this impressive set which includes show hosts Joel Robinson and Mike Nelson, along with their robot pals Cambot, Gypsy, Tom Servo and Crow.

All the mad scientists -- Dr. Erhardt, TV's Frank, Professor Bobo, Brain Guy, Dr. Clayton and Pearl Forrester -- are included in the set as well.

The Lego set has the Satellite of Love itself complete with the host room where the hosts have their invention exchange, "Movie Sign" lights and buttons, all the hallway doors that open and close and the movie theater where the show's characters mock B-grade sci-fi films.

Thanks to the Lego fan who goes by screen name JMaster, this tribute to "MST3K" could be yours if the Lego Ideas project is approved.

This proposed Lego set includes every character on "Mystery Science Theater 3000" as well.

Lego Ideas

A team of Lego specialists, including set designers, marketing and business representatives, evaluate every project that has 10,000 supporters to decide if it has potential to become an official Lego set. The group analyzes the votes and the project information, and also figures out the set's playability, safety and whether it's a good fit for the Lego brand.

"'MST3K' has talented writers, an original premise and lasting pop cultural fame to this day," JMaster wrote on the project page. "Thanks to 'Mystery Science Theater,' we all take bad movies a little less seriously now, and laugh when there was nothing funny before."

This "MST3K" project first appeared on the Lego site way back in May 2016 but because it reached over 5,000 votes this year (up to 8,336 so far), Lego extended the voting deadline. Fans can vote here. If the project snags 10,000 votes in the next 238 days, Lego will consider it for a real set.

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