Mulan on Disney Plus: 'Exciting, vibrant, emotional'

"If there was any CG used it was invisible." Now that Mulan will be released on Disney Plus on Sept. 4, here are some of the reactions from movie critics who saw it in March.

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Disney's live-action reboot of Mulan already has critics singing its praises. 


Disney's live-action remake of Mulan tells the story of a young Chinese woman, Hua Mulan (Yifei Liu), who disguises herself as a man and takes her father's place in the army. The new movie is a more realistic take than the previous 1998 animated film -- causing it to receive the first PG-13 rating given to a Disney live-action reboot. 

After numerous delays, the new movie won't be released in theaters due to coronavirus concerns, but Disney announced on Tuesday that Mulan will be released on Disney Plus streaming service on Sept. 4, with an extra $30 price tag.

Critics got a first look at the film in March at the Hollywood premiere and posted their initial reactions on social media. The responses from journalists were resoundingly positive. Here are some of the comments from movie critics who were impressed with the action and story.

Slash Film's Peter Sciretta tweeted, "It's so majestic, the action is thrilling, it aims for a level of sophistication and beauty you don't expect."

"Mulan is exciting, vibrant, emotional, and different from the animated version," Fandango's Erk Davis tweeted. "It's definitely its own thing, which I dug -- a more mature Disney film, featuring stunning production design & fight choreography. Director Niki Caro & star Liu Yifei are the big stand-outs."

Mashable's Alison Foreman wrote, "Disney's Mulan remake leaves a lot behind, but offers much more in its absence. Plenty of 1998 throwbacks pepper a story full of incredible action, humor, and heart."

However, not every review was positive. Screen Rant's Mansoor Mithaiwala tweeted, "There's a great film yearning to break out in #Mulan, but it's surprisingly bogged down by adapting the animation. It has its moments, but the poor villains and inconsistent action quality results in a mediocre movie."

Satirical reviewer Ben Mekler has another take: "Mulan is shockingly great?? The music really works and there's an action sequence I'm sure audiences will be talking about for a long, long time. Wouldn't dare spoil it but let's just say that Mulan devours a million mile hoagie and if there was any CG used it was invisible. A+!"

Here are more Mulan reactions posted on Twitter below:

Originally published on March 9.

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