MoviePass may have retired unlimited movie ticket option

The ticket-a-day package went away earlier this month, and the CEO says he doesn't know if it will return.

MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe says he isn't sure if the ticket-a-day option will return.
Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

MoviePass' unlimited movie ticket option may have reached its limit.

Often cited as the Netflix of movie theaters, the subscription made a big splash by offering customers a movie ticket per day for just $9.95 a month. But MoviePass hasn't offered that package since April 13, when it launched a promotion that slashed the number of tickets per month to four and included a three-month free trial of iHeartRadio's All Access.

The promotion was viewed as temporary, but an interview The Hollywood Reporter conducted with MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe casts doubt on whether the ticket-a-day product will return.

When asked if the "unlimited" plan would return, Lowe said, "I don't know.

"We just always try different things," Lowe said. "Every time we try a new promotion, we never put a deadline on it."

MoviePass attracted heat last month for tracking its users' location data. The company says it doesn't track your whereabouts when you aren't using the app, and vows it won't sell your location information. (Here's how you disable location tracking on the app.)

MoviePass declined to comment beyond the information reported by The Hollywood Reporter.