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MoviePass: See all the movies you want for under $7 a month

The "Netflix of movie theaters" wants to lure in new subscribers.


In a move to court new subscribers, MoviePass has dropped the price of its monthly subscription service from about $10 per month to just under $7.

For a limited time, new sign-ups can pay $6.95 per month to watch movies at participating theaters. The company didn't say how long the subscription window runs, and we've reached out to MoviePass for clarification.

MoviePass also offered the same deal last November.

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Often cited as the Netflix of movie theaters, MoviePass has attracted heat this month for tracking its users' location data. The company says that it doesn't track your whereabouts when you aren't using the app, and vows it won't sell your location information. (Here's how you disable location tracking on the app.)

That's not the all-you-can-eat movie service's only recent skirmish. Earlier this year, MoviePass dropped 10 AMC theaters from its national roster to play tough with AMC over a profit-sharing dispute.

You can catch the MoviePass subscription details (and fine print) on the MoviePass site.