Monopoly: Game of Thrones update plays theme song while you conquer

Hopefully it won't cause any mini Red Weddings.

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The Game of Thrones version of Monopoly

When you play Monopoly: Game of Thrones, you win or you get mocked by your family.


The second edition of Monopoly: Game of Thrones is a little more epic.

The new version of the Hasbro board game will include an Iron Throne card holder with a stand that plays the Game of Thrones theme song -- composed by Ramin Djawadi -- adding drama to conquering Westeros on your kitchen table.

Otherwise, it's much like classic Monopoly. You play using tokens based on the Great Houses' sigils and buy up locations until all your opponents go bankrupt (and presumably have to bend the knee as you rule the Seven Kingdoms). The cardboard coins are based on the show's currency too.

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It'll cost $30 when it comes out in January, giving you plenty of time to get hyped before the eighth and final season returns in April.

Just be sure to make the Lannisters pay their debts.

Hasbro recently divided opinion with Monopoly for Millennials, another update to its classic game, by incorporating various millennial stereotypes and declaring that players "can't afford" real estate. Another version, Fortnite Monopoly, ditched money for weapons and chests.

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