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Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' will soon scare you in 3D

If you want to see zombie Michael Jackson's dance moves pop out at you, then you'll need to head to the Venice Film Festival.

Michael Jackson and his zombie army will come at you in 3D.
Optimum Productions

Pop star Michael Jackson threw down some spooky dance moves in his insanely popular 14-minute-long horror-meets-a-catchy-tune music video "Thriller." The zombie-themed production from 1983 will get a new undead life when it debuts in 3D at the Venice Film Festival 2017.

The Estate of Michael Jackson, Optimum Productions and director John Landis supervised an update of the film's audio and visuals starting with the original 35mm film negative from Jackson's archives. Landis hints at a "shocking surprise" in the upcoming release, though Optimum notes the short film was not reedited or recut in any way.

The music video's iconic zombie dance stylings and retro horror shout-outs should really lend themselves to the 3D effect. 

The Venice Film Festival starts at the end of August. There is no word yet on a possible wider theatrical release for "Michael Jackson's Thriller 3D."