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Men in Black International trailer showcases Kumail Nanjiani's pint-sized alien

Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth's agents hit locations from London to the Sahara.

We also got a new poster.
Sony Pictures

The second Men in Black International trailer dropped Thursday and gives us some major hints about the movie ahead of its June 14 release.

Tessa Thompson joins the alien policing agency as Agent M after tracking the super-secret group down, then gets sent to London to team up with Chris Hemsworth's Agent H. It seems the actors will have a different dynamic to the one they displayed in Thor: Ragnarok.

The pair find themselves in some title-appropriate globetrotting shenanigans, meeting Kumail Nanjiani's alien Pawny (who already looks like he'll steal the show) somewhere along the way.

MiB London boss High T (Liam Neeson) also growls about some threat called the Hive, who can apparently shapeshift and mimic anyone's form. The whole thing is a bit more revealing than the previous trailer, which dropped back in December.

Men in Black International, directed by F. Gary Gray, is the fourth movie in the franchise, which kicked off in 1997. There's also an international cut of the trailer, with some different footage and an appearance by a talking pug -- remember Frank in the first two movies?

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones starred in the first three, but this spinoff is designed to showcase some younger actors. Maybe at least one of the original duo will make a cameo? At the very least, they show up in a painting of the first movie's final battle in the international cut of the trailer.