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Meghan and Harry's Oprah interview to be dissected in new TV special

Think you'd heard it all about the British royals and that infamous Oprah interview? There's always more.


Oprah's shocking March interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, aka Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, still is creating buzz. Now, an upcoming TV special will bring in body language, linguistics and forensic psychology experts to examine the interview and wring even more information out of the explosive chat.

The new special, called Meghan and Harry: Recollections May Vary, will air on streaming service Discovery Plus in the UK on April 30. The title comes from Queen Elizabeth II's response to the shocking special, in which the monarch, now age 95, issued a statement noting that "while some recollections may vary, (the issues raised by the couple) are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately."

The special comes from the UK's Shearwater Media, which has made similar shows that also try to learn more about people from their media interviews. Its show Faking It: Tears Of A Crime, analyzes the behavior, speech and body language of criminals, and is now in its third season.

"This is a new and different way to dissect the interview of the year," Executive Producer Steve Anderson said, according to Variety. "What is revealed by facial expressions, physical gestures and patterns of speech? The answers are fascinating."

The special made headlines for numerous revelations, including when the American-born, biracial duchess revealed that at least one person in the palace expressed concerns about the skin color of the couple's first child.

Representatives for the Discovery Channel did not immediately respond to questions about whether the show will be available to US viewers. But American royal-watchers can almost certainly get the highlights on social media after the show airs.