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Marvel's 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Fixes CGI Scene for Disney Plus

If you thought Marvel's much-scrutinized CGI looked updated -- for at least one scene, you'd be right.

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Thor holding Mjolnir with lightning lighting up his eyes

Thor: Love and Thunder was questioned for its CGI.

Marvel Studios/YouTube

After the stupendous Thor: Ragnarok, it shocked many when Thor: Love and Thunder didn't live up to lofty expectations. Aside from story elements, the fourth film in Marvel's Thor franchise was questioned over the quality of its CGI, seemingly even by its director Taika Waititi. The flick hit Disney Plus on Wednesday, after which fans pointed out on Twitter that at least one CGI-heavy scene looks to have been updated.

"They patched Thor: Love and Thunder for the Disney+ version and it looks even worse now," Twitter user @comicxbook wrote.

The scene involves the son of Heimdall using his ability to project an avatar, aka the enlarged image of his face, across vast distances. Axl (formerly known as Astrid) informs Thor that Gorr the God Butcher kidnapped all the children in New Asgard and transported them to the Shadow Realm.

Here's a YouTube video from Heavy Spoilers Clips analyzing the differences.

Marvel appears to have tinkered with the look of Disney Plus releases before, from touching up trees in WandaVision, to toning down violence in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Many visual effects artists called out Marvel for its strident working hours, citing that as a factor of poorer CGI quality.

Netflix shows such as Stranger Things have also been known to tweak elements post-release. In the case of Stranger Things, this involved addressing a continuity error.

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