Marvel legend Stan Lee posts first personal video on Twitter to thank fans

Excelsior! The Marvel comics legend reclaims his social media after it was hijacked to thank his fans for their support.

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Stan Lee is now officially using Twitter on his own. 

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

When Marvel comics icon Stan Lee personally thanks his fans on Twitter personally, you know you're seeing something special. 

With news this year of his ill health and rumors of his employees abusing of him, fans were starting to worry about Lee's current well being. But it looks like fans can look forward to more direct communication from the legend himself on his Twitter account

On May 12, Lee supposedly posted his first personal tweet -- instead of one posted by a PR company -- but then on Tuesday Lee tweeted that his Twitter and Facebook accounts were hijacked

So finally Lee posted a video on Tuesday to put all doubts at rest of who was actually running his social media accounts. 

In the video Lee says, "Hey true believers, I just want to tell you I love your comments on Twitter. I don't know how much I've been missing, now that I see them. I just want you to know I appreciate everything you say and do. I love you all and let's keep up this great relationship. Excelsior!"

Lee also thanked his fans with a very touching tweet on Tuesday that read, "From now on, I will depend on you, my dear fans, to protect and defend me. I love you guys and am so happy I have control of my twitter account back. You guys are my true superheroes. Excelsior!"

Here's hoping we see more of Lee on Twitter posting videos and tweets. 

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