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Marvel's 'I Am Groot' Trailer Rivals Baby Yoda for Cuteness

San Diego Comic-Con brings the first look at the upcoming animated shorts about your favorite coniferous superhero.

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Richard Trenholm

You might wonder how Marvel is going to make an entire series about a superhero who says only three words -- so this trailer for I Am Groot will give you a few clues.

Marvel is teasing some upcoming projects in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during San Diego Comic-Con 2022, with various movies and Disney Plus TV shows on the way. I Am Groot features the woody cutey from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies getting into what looks like a bunch of playful adventures involving cutesy aliens, a dance-off and a leafy dress.

One way Marvel gets around Groot's limited dialogue options is by keeping the episodes short. The series is actually a collection of five shorts.

I Am Groot streams on Disney Plus from Wednesday, Aug. 10. 

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