Marvel Cinematic Universe 10th anniversary IMAX marathon hits UK, Ireland

Don't worry, all 20 MCU movies will go by in a snap.

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The Avengers and 19 other MCU movies are part of the marathon.

Marvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's 10th anniversary IMAX film festival is hitting the UK and Ireland, with a five-day marathon of all 20 movies kicking off Sept. 28.

It'll be the first time Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America: The First Avenger will be seen in that format in either country.


The 10th anniversary poster will be available in limited quantities.

Marvel Studios

The movies will be shown four per day in their release order, and those who attend will get a mini-poster featuring the 10th Anniversary artwork (until they run out, and they will!). It'll finish up on Oct. 2 and follows a similar marathon that took place in the US starting in late August.

Here are the cinemas hosting the marathons, with exact movie timings available here:


  • Swiss Cottage
  • Cardiff
  • Manchester Trafford Centre
  • Norwich
  • Blanchardstown, Dublin


  • Leeds Kirkstall


  • Sheffield
  • Edinburgh


  • Bluewater


  • Birmingham

It's certainly one way to prepare for Captain Marvel, which got its first trailer on Tuesday. Maybe you'll spot a few Skrulls hiding in the previous movies?

If cinemas or marathons aren't your thing, here's how you can watch every MCU film at home.