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Mad Max: Fury Road without special effects still full of movie magic

This video compilation of preproduction tests shows how exciting a desert demolition derby looks like even without help from CGI enhancements.

The thrilling car chase scenes in Mad Max: Fury Road impressed critics and fans alike and earned the film its Oscar-winning moments.

But that doesn't mean the raw footage wasn't full of exciting moments before it was enhanced by talented CGI artists.

The YouTube video "Fury Road - Crash & Smash" -- posted on September 8 -- features raw film footage of the car explosions that made the movie so entertaining to watch.

None of the shots shown in the 4-minute video were enhanced with CGI in any way, which makes it even scarier to see the kind of danger the actors put themselves in to get the perfect shot.

The crazy driving stunts will also give Mad Max fans a newfound appreciation for the stuntmen and women who made these dangerous movie moments look easy. Watch explosions, car crashes and motorcycle flips -- all created by real-life daredevils.