Light & Magic Trailer Takes You On Epic Ride Through Cinema History

The Disney Plus documentary kicks off July 27.

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Sean Keane

Industrial Light & Magic made the space chases of Star Wars believable.


Light & Magic got a trailer on Thursday, giving us a Journey-infused taste of the Disney Plus documentary that'll run through the history of Lucasfilm special effects house Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). The company was created by George Lucas in 1975, as he kicked off production on the original Star Wars, so you can expect plenty of imagery from a galaxy far, far away.

All six episodes of Light & Magic hit Disney's streaming service on July 27. 

We also catch glimpses of Terminator 2, Transformers, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Abyss and ET. ILM also let to the rise of beloved animation studio Pixar and graphics editing software Photoshop, so you can expect the doc to dive into those topics as well.

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