Lego's codable Boost set arrives in time for summer fun

The new collection features motors and programmable bricks that can turn regular Lego bricks into motorized or motion-sensitive toys.

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Traditional Lego bricks are about to get an upgrade. 

Lego Boost is a building and coding set that lets you that lets you add motion and sound to traditional Lego sets. The set, originally announced at CES 2017, is now available for preorder direct from the company for $160 with shipping set to begin in late July. 

Boost is designed to introduce kids to simple coding commands via a free mobile app. instructions to build five different things are included and you're able to add voice recordings to what you build. The app also includes more than 60 activities keep you building and coding. 

If you opt not to preorder, Lego expects Boost to be in stores and online on August 1.