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Meet a giant Wonder Woman and her DC pals, made of Lego bricks

Thousands upon thousands of Lego pieces went into creating a swinging new exhibit that showcases massive versions of DC's most iconic characters.

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Watch this: These massive DC heroes are made of thousands of Lego bricks

Heroes aren't born, they're made. Out of bricks.

At least they are at Art of the Brick: DC Superheroes, a new exhibit that shows classic comic heroes like Wonder Woman , Batman and Superman  built out of millions of Lego bricks.

The exhibit is the work of artist Nathan Sawaya, a former lawyer who now makes sculptures and other artwork from Lego. His latest show features various interpretations of iconic characters from the pages of DC Comics. It's on now in London, in a purpose-built venue by the banks of the river Thames.

We swung into action and checked out the exhibition. Here's a sneak peek.

See Wonder Woman, other DC superheroes in massive Lego form

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The exhibition uses nearly 2 million Lego bricks. There are half a million bricks in one sculpture alone: a giant Batmobile designed by Sawaya in collaboration with distinguished artist Jim Lee.

The stars of the show include Wonder Woman, whose movie opens this weekend. She teams up with chums Batman, Superman, Cyborg, the Flash, and Aquaman, who will appear in a from the Justice League movie later this year.

Other characters on show include Batgirl, Robin , the Joker, Harley Quinn, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, the Atom and Martian Manhunter. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold make an appearance too. 

One of the most clever parts of the show is Sawaya's signature trick of turning two-dimensional artwork into 3D sculptures. Marvel at these new versions of iconic covers like the very first DC comic, Action Comics no.1, which introduced Superman.

Art of the Brick: DC Superheroes runs until mid-June. Tickets cost £16.50 (about $21, AU$29) for adults and £11 (about $14, AU$19) for children, with concessions and family tickets saving you money. On Mondays, tickets are only £10 for everyone -- see the website for full details.

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