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Lego unveils World Map with whopping 11,695 pieces, most ever in a set

The globetrotting Lego Art set puts the whole world on your wall.

The Lego Art World Map has set a new record for most pieces in a set.
Lego Group

Last year, Lego went classical with its 9,036-piece Rome Colosseum set, the largest Lego set to date. But records are made to be dashed, so welcome the Lego Art World Map, a set stuffed with 11,695 pieces. 

This isn't an old-school kit full of squared-off bricks. The backbone consists of 40 interconnecting base plates that go inside a brick frame. Thousands of small round tiles can be positioned to create three different 2D versions of the world map, each of which centers on a different part of the globe. 

While the continents are well defined, the look of the ocean is up to the builder. Lego Group said in a statement on Tuesday that "the tiles can be arranged in a manner inspired by bathymetric mapping of the ocean floor by following the building instructions, or builders can express themselves more freely and creatively by arranging the tiles as they wish."

The Lego Art World Map uses 40 interconnecting base plates and includes a coffee table book-style instruction manual.

Lego Group

You can place Lego pins on all the places you've visited. Or you can just stare at the map and dream of all the locations you might go. 

To enhance the experience, the set comes with a soundtrack full of travel stories from bloggers and adventurers. 

The World Map comes out on June 1 for $250, £230 or AU$400. Lego recommends the complex set for ages 18 and up.   

Lego Group has been on a run lately with introducing its tallest Marvel set ever, the 3,772-piece Spider-Man Daily Bugle kit, and a highly detailed 2,048-piece Friends apartments set

The World Map is a different animal, reaching 40.5 inches (104 centimeters) in width. With so many pieces to place, you'll have plenty of time to contemplate your next vacation destination.