Lego Overwatch sets officially debut at BlizzCon

After being teased, Lego's Overwatch sets are now ready to fight for glory.

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Overwatch fans, it's time to build.

Lego Overwatch sets were officially revealed Friday during BlizzCon -- Blizzard's annual convention -- bringing depictions of characters and vehicles from the game like Tracer, Widowmaker, Hanzo and more into Lego sets. The Overwatch sets were teased last month and even inadvertently leaked by Target and in reports by Kotaku, but now they're official with full details.

These sets will become available on Jan. 1, 2019 and are designed by Woon Tze Chee.

D.Va vs. Reinhardt


Made up of 455 pieces and releasing for $40 in the US (roughly £30 and AU$55), D.Va's tank can shoot and opens up so you can place the matching minifigure inside. For Reinhardt, there's a buildable Rocket Hammer.

Watchpoint: Gibralter


Made up of 730 pieces, the Watchpoint: Gibralter set includes Mercy, Pharah and Reaper minifigures along with a big figure for Winston. The Overwatch rocket in this set can split into two pieces with a cockpit in each one. Character weapons include Pharah's Rocket Launcher, Mercy's Caduceus Staff and Caduceus Blaster, Reaper's twin Hellfire Shotguns and Winston's Tesla Cannon. This set will cost $90 in the US (roughly £70, AU$125).



Bastion, made up of 602 pieces, comes in two modes without any rebuilding needed: recon and sentry. The set stands over 10 inches tall (26 centimeters) when in recon mode and in sentry mode stands 6 inches tall (17cm). Weapons include Bastion's gun and minigun. This set will cost $50 (roughly £40 and AU$70).

Dorado Showdown


Dorado Showdown is made up of 419 pieces and features both the Dorado building and payload truck. Minifigures include Solder: 76, Reaper and McCree. Weapons in the set are Soldier: 76's Heavy Pulse Rifle, Reaper's twin Hellfire Shotguns and McGree's Peacekeeper six-shooter revolver. The set costs $30 (roughly £25, AU$40).

Hanzo vs. Genji


The Hanamura dojo is the stage of this 197-piece set, which includes minifigures for Hanza, Genji and Shimada Henchman. The set includes a weapons stand, a health pack and two hidden disc shooters representing each brothers' dragon spirit. Weapons include Genji's Ryu-Ichimonji sword and Hanzo's Storm Bow. This set costs $20 (roughly £15, AU$30).

Tracer vs. Widowmaker


The Tracer and Widowmaker minifigures face off in this set, which includes a satellite drone payload vehicle with a hidden cockpit with computer detailing. The 129-piece set includes weapons such as the Widowmaker's Widow's Kiss and Tracer's twin Pulse Pistols. The set costs $15 (roughly £10, AU$20).

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