Lego Nintendo unboxing and speed build

We put the Lego NES up against the old-school Super Mario Bros. game to see how they compare in terms of fun factor and finish time. Yes, it's a race.

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Stephen Beacham

The Lego/Nintendo collaboration has been a huge success, with the Adventures with Mario Starter Course now on back order and the Lego Nintendo Entertainment System temporarily out of stock on Lego.com. 


Lucky for me I ordered one on Aug. 1 and received it a couple of weeks later. Rather than just do a build video or review, we decided to time the length of the Lego NES build and see how it compared with finishing the original 1985 version of Super Mario Bros on the NES. Here it is. Please enjoy this speedy build of the Lego NES vs. Super Mario Bros. playthrough of every level in the game. 

You can find the Lego NES at Amazon: https://amzn.to/3l2Vhw4 and Lego: https://bit.ly/3gaeLeQ

Watch the video on YouTube here