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Alicia Vikander leaps into first 'Tomb Raider' movie trailer

Alicia Vikander is the young video game relic robber in this first glimpse of the forthcoming action movie.

Ilze Kitshoff

Lara Croft is back doing what she does best: raiding tombs and jumping off things. Here's Alicia Vikander in the first trailer for "Tomb Raider", the forthcoming movie adaptation of the popular relic-robbing video game.

In this new version, Lara Croft is an orphaned bicycle courier in trendy East London who follows her dad's final wishes to find a mysterious tomb and, like, raid it. Influenced by the 2013 game reboot, the film sees a 21-year-old Croft battling baddies on a remote island, with the help of an ice axe and her ability to leap improbable distances.

You can also watch Alicia Vikander discuss her role in this featurette:

Dominic West from "The Wire" plays Croft senior, complete with "If you're watching this, I'm dead" video message. The bad guy is Walton Goggins from "The Shield", "Justified" and "The Hateful Eight", which should be worth the price of admission alone. Also in the cast are "Hot Fuzz" star Nick Frost, Daniel Wu from "Into the Badlands" and Hannah John-Kamen from "Game of Thrones" and "Killjoys". The action is helmed by Norwegian director Roar Uthaug.

"Tomb Raider" leaps improbably high in theatres in March 2018.