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Kellyanne Conway is terrifying as Kellywise the Clown on 'SNL'

Kate McKinnon plays the presidential advisor as the creepy sewer-dwelling creature from Stephen King's "It."

Is there anything as scary as Pennywise, the sewer-dwelling killer clown from Stephen King's "It"? How about combining that horror-movie villain with the nightmarish world that is American politics?

On "Saturday Night Live" on Saturday, the two worlds collided horrifically when Kate McKinnon played presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway -- but transformed into "Kellywise," a strikingly familiar looking character who lives in the sewers.

CNN's Anderson Cooper (Alex Moffat), looking a lot like yellow-slicker-clad Georgie Denbrough from "It," runs into Kellywise when his paperwork slips into her sewer. 

"What'd you do to your makeup?" he asks of the streak-faced Kellywise.

"I toned it down," she replies.

Kellywise has a few friends down in the sewer with her -- including one of McKinnon's other main characters, Hillary Rodham Clinton. And before the sketch ends, Kellywise shows off her demonic dance moves.

Blame "SNL" if you can't sleep for weeks.