Just how 'true' are Hollywood 'true stories'?

With this website, find out -- scene-by-scene -- which movies are the most accurate to their source material, and which are just flat out making stuff up.

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How accurate is The Social Network?

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Many Hollywood movies are "based on a true story" but just how true are they?

If you're the type of person frantically Googling during biopics, then you'll love this: a scene-by-scene breakdown of multiple "true stories" as told by Hollywood that compares the cinematic recreation with the reality.

The site is called Information is Beautiful and it features movies like Lion, 12 Years A Slave, American Sniper and Dallas Buyers Club feature, among many others, with each scene scored by its accuracy.


Blue is true! Red is... less true.

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Perhaps the coolest function: the ability to literally highlight individual scenes and compare fact to fiction. Like this spotlight scene for example.

Screenshot by Mark Serrels/CNET  

And yes, before you ask, The Social Network is there!

Screenshot by Mark Serrels/CNET  

And it scores relatively highly! 76 percent. The least accurate from the movies currently on the site is The Imitation Game, the biopic on English math genius Alan Turing. Hacksaw Ridge and American Sniper also score pretty low. 

The most accurate movie on the list? Selma, the Oscar nominated recreation of the civil rights marches in 1965. The Big Short and Bridge of Spies came in second and third respectively.

It's a very cool site. Well worth a look.

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