Jon Favreau wants to make a new Star Wars Holiday Special for Disney Plus

The Mandalorian showrunner also talks more about actor Gina Carano's character Cara Dune.

Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton
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Bea Arthur as Ackmena - the cantina bartender who serves drinks to every thirsty alien in the galaxy in "Star Wars Holiday Special."

Bea Arthur as Ackmena -- the cantina bartender who serves drinks to every thirsty alien in the galaxy in The Star Wars Holiday Special.


The retro Star Wars Holiday Special from 1978 is a polarizing part of Star Wars fandom. Let's face it, not everyone wants to sit and watch singing Wookiees wearing Snuggies and Bea Arthur serving drinks in a cantina to a bunch of rowdy aliens hiding out from Stormtroopers.

Even actor Mark Hamill  -- who reprised his Luke Skywalker role for the Holiday Special -- isn't a fan.

But for Mandalorian showrunner Jon Favreau the Holiday Special represents a bit of nostalgia worthy of a reboot on Disney Plus.

"I love the Holiday Special -- certain sequences more than others," Favreau said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight at this weekend's Saturn Awards. "That's my generation. I loved the introduction of Boba Fett and that rifle that he had. That animated piece still hold up; it's pretty cool. I draw inspiration from that.

"I would love to do a Holiday Special. I gotta pitch that to Disney Plus."

However, while fans mull over the possibilities of a new Star Wars Holiday Special, Favreau is busy putting the final touches on season one of the highly-anticipated Star Wars series The Mandalorian -- debuting on the Disney Plus streaming service on Nov. 12.

Favreau revealed his excitement in seeing MMA fighter and Deadpool actress Gina Carano bring her Mandalorian character of Cara Dune to life.


Gina Carano plays Cara Dune.


"She's incredibly fun to watch on screen," Favreau said. "When she falls into action mode, she's such a wonderful athlete. All of her training and background bring this authenticity to her performance on the screen."

"Her eyes light up when she's doing action, and she genuinely loves it," Favreau added. "We were doing a sound mix on her episode and I noticed that she's smiling while she's fighting."

Working on The Mandalorian has been a dream come true for Favreau who has been a Star Wars fan since he was a kid.

"Here we are telling these stories with people who already work with Star Wars like the people at Lucasfilm, and ILM and Dave Filoni," Favreau said. "They're indoctrinating us into the understanding and the depth of the genre."

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