Joker movie vids send cryptic message about trailer release date

Blink and you might miss Joker's subliminal messages via six new videos posted to Instagram.

Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton

The Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix hits theaters on Oct. 4.

Warner Bros.

The Joker is a master at being the kind of complex, cryptic character who keeps people guessing. So it makes sense that the official Joker Instagram would post unusual videos for the upcoming Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix that included subliminal messages.

The handwritten messages are posted within six different teaser trailer videos. When piecing together the messages that quickly flash across the screen in the videos, it reads "trailer 8.28." This most likely hints that fans can expect a second trailer on Wednesday.

Here are the new videos. 

The Warner Bros. movie directed by Todd Phillips takes place during the '80s and follows the story of failed comedian Fleck as he sinks into madness and becomes the iconic Batman villain of the Joker. 

The videos posted on Instagram include footage that has already been used in previous trailers for Joker, but there is one glimpse at a new scene of Phoenix as Fleck/Joker climbing into a refrigerator.

Joker movie debuts in theaters worldwide on Oct. 4.

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