John Cena and BTS is the most wholesome pairing of 2020

Warning: Extremely wholesome content incoming.

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BTS might be the biggest band in the world right now.


John Cena is the biggest WWE superstar of his generation. A muscle-bound monster of a man promoting the values of "loyalty, hustle and respect" to a global fanbase of millions.

BTS is the seven-member, South Korean supergroup that is most likely -- right now -- the biggest boy band in the world.

Now, they make for the most unlikely and wholesome pairing of 2020. 

A quick history: John Cena has been slowly announcing himself as a fan of BTS -- its music and its values -- by posting about the band on his Instagram page. Earlier this year on James Corden, Cena explained the phenomenon to actress January Jones and ruminated on his favourite members. 

Later, in February BTS revealed the love was mutual. 

But today, appearing as the first in-studio guest on the Jimmy Fallon show since the COVID-19 pandemic, John Cena explained his love for BTS in an articulate and surprisingly wholesome way. 

"I love what this band has done," he said. "I got interested in the music; then I got interested in what the music stood for. They advocate self-love, they advocate don't be afraid of failure, they advocate that you are enough. They're kinda trying to shatter all the stereotypical difficulties and uncomfortable situations that we all go through and they are catering that message to people who are living that: Young people."
He went on to praise BTS for its philanthropic work. BTS donated $1 million to Black Lives Matter and fans came together to match that donation

"That's fucking changing the world," said Cena.

In a day where a chaotic and volatile Presidential Debate left a weird taste in everyone's mouth, that's the kind of wholesome message some of us need to hear right now.