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Jodie Foster's 'Black Mirror' episode looks chilling

Want to make sure your kid doesn't get lost? This technological solution almost certainly is a terrible idea.

Most parents know the chill of that one panicked moment when they briefly lose sight of their child. The new teaser for "Arkangel," the upcoming Jodie Foster-directed episode of Netflix's "Black Mirror," depicts just such a scenario -- and then, apparently, its creepy futuristic solution.

In the clip, Rosemarie DeWitt is the mom who briefly loses her daughter Sarah, but quickly finds her safely. But apparently the incident scares her enough that she signs Sarah up for some kind of medical program to ensure that doesn't happen again. We see Sarah calmly being injected with something uncomfortably near her eyes. (A brain-tracking chip? A kind of Tile for humans? Find my iKid?) 

Not much else is revealed except what might be the tracking company's eerie slogan: "The key to good parenting is control." But in "Black Mirror," technology always comes at a price.

This is the first "Black Mirror" episode to be directed by Foster, the Academy Award-winning actress. She has previously directed episodes for Netflix's "Orange is the New Black" and "House of Cards," and in 2014 told Vanity Fair, "I really like Netflix a lot."

Netflix has yet to announce a specific date for the fourth season of "Black Mirror."