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Future shock! 'The Jetsons' rebooted as live-action sitcom

Jane, stop this crazy thing! ABC plans to give the futuristic family from the 1960s cartoon new life.

Meet George Jetson -- and he's not a cartoon anymore. Wait, what? Jane, stop this crazy thing!

ABC is planning a live-action sitcom version of "The Jetsons" classic cartoon series, Entertainment Weekly reported on Thursday.

You remember the original animated show, which originally ran for just one season back in 1962-63, with new episodes in the 1980s and a big-screen movie in 1990. The Jetsons were the Space Age version of the Stone Age Flintstones, with dad George, mom Jane, kids Elroy and Judy, dog Astro and maid Rosie the Robot. The family's futuristic gadgets included a push-button kitchen and a car that turned into a briefcase.

The original show was set 100 years in the future, so 2062 to its 1962 debut, and this show will do the same (so if it comes out in 2018, the Jetsons will be living in 2118).

It's tough to picture how the Jetsons' cool spacey gadgets will translate to live action, but EW reports that ABC has given the project a "put pilot order -- meaning it'll likely go to series or there will be penalties attached." Robert Zemeckis of "Back to the Future" and "Forrest Gump" fame will executive-produce the show.

No release date or cast news was announced.