Jeremy Renner Shares 'ICU Spa Moment' After Snow Plow Accident

Renner thanked his mom and sister in heartfelt messages posted to social media Thursday.

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Jeremy Renner Video Snow Plow

Jeremy Renner recovers after being run over by a snow plow weighing more than 14,000 pounds.

Jeremy Renner's Twitter account

Jeremy Renner has shared a new video following a snow plow accident on Jan. 1 that left him with serious injuries

In the brief clip, posted to Twitter and his Instagram Story on Thursday, the Hawkeye actor lies in a hospital bed and gets a head massage. Renner said on Twitter that a not so great day in the ICU turned into an "amazing spa day with my sis and mama." He added, "Thank you sooooo much."

On Instagram, Renner wrote a slightly different message: "ICU spa moment to lift my spirits. Thank you mama. Thank you sister. Thank all [of] you for your love."

The video follows a selfie posted by the actor on Tuesday from his hospital bed. On New Year's Day, Renner was run over by a snow plow weighing at least 14,330 pounds after using it to free a vehicle that was being driven by a family member, according to The Washoe County Sheriff's Office.