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Jay Z premieres new '4:44' music video exclusively on Tidal

The new collage-style visual for the title track features a hodgepodge of footage.

Jay Z's "4:44" album is now available on iTunes and Amazon Music, but the music video is only on Tidal.
Timothy A. Clary / AFP/Getty Images

Jay Z just dropped on Friday a lengthy music video for "4:44," the title track off of his new (already certified platinum) album.

The collage-style visual is available exclusively on Tidal, the streaming music platform Jay Z co-owns.

The video, which clocks in at 8 minutes 30 seconds, features a hodgepodge of clips, including viral videos, Eartha Kitt discussing relationships, clips of police brutality, a Jean-Michel Basquiat interview excerpt and footage of Beyoncé performing.

Jay Z released "4:44," the 13th solo album of his career, last week. It was initially only available to Tidal subscribers and Sprint users who signed up for the streaming service before 12 a.m. ET on June 30, but now it's available on other streaming services (except for Spotify).

This is the second music video from "4:44," following the animated visual for "The Story of O.J." Both are only available to stream on Tidal.