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Jason Momoa knows Aquaman's 'Justice League' prop is no trident

Yes, it's a quindent, but stay tuned for the King of Atlantis' standalone movie if it's the three-pronged weapon you prefer.

One, two, three ... wait a minute.
Warner Bros

Tricycle, three wheels. Triangle, three sides. So naturally, "trident" means a kind of gum -- er, a three-pronged spear, the weapon with which Aquaman is traditionally associated.

But in photos and video released of Jason Momoa's Aquaman from the upcoming "Justice League" movie, the weapon has not three, not four, but five prongs.

On Sunday, Momoa and Ben Affleck, who plays Batman in the movie, and Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg, spoke with Chris Van Vliet from WSVN-TV in Miami, and Momoa addressed the prop's name.

Comic readers know a quindent isn't new to Aquaman, as he's often been drawn with one (even this toy version has one). It's just kind of an awkward word, compared with the more common "trident." But Momoa knows the difference.

"I didn't call it a trident," Momoa says. "Well, it's a quindent, but we don't call it that in the movie, and when you watch 'Aquaman,' you're gonna see him go for the trident, so everyone's gotta stay tuned for a hot minute."

When asked if Aquaman had two different spears, Momoa replied in the affirmative. "Well, yeah, he's not the king yet," he said. "He looks to Mera and he's like, 'I need to borrow something, I need you to do me a favor,' so that's what he gets, when she gives him the equipment."

It sounds like fans of the traditional trident will get to see it come into play in Momoa's stand-alone Aquaman movie, which doesn't open until late in 2018. 

"Justice League" opens Nov. 16.