'Inhumans' trailer: Marvel’s next project has humans unhappy

The trailer for Marvel's "Inhumans" is finally here, but reactions from around the web say it's not living up to many fans' expectations.

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The trailer is finally here, but fans aren't very impressed with a show that seemed to have a lot of promise.

Amid all the talk of "Spider-Man: Homecoming" hitting theaters on July 6, "Inhumans," another splinter group in the Marvel universe, is coming to television on ABC. The show is trying something never done before with its debut in IMAX theaters, kicking off the series with two episodes shot completely using IMAX cameras. But now that people have had a chance to see the trailer, the reviews are mixed at best.

Redditor CheeseSteakWithOnion reaction was pretty harsh:

Twitter user @SageTerrance doesn't like it either:

A lot of people are complaining about Medusa's wig because it's kind of supposed to be her signature. @brigantine72 had this to say:

@richardriders wasn't impressed with the wig or the costumes:

Some people are still hopeful, like @UncannyLZ:S

After searching high and low, hopeful reactions seem few and far between. At best, a few fans are willing to give the series a chance or enjoyed a bit of the trailer.

Perhaps Coy Jandreau's reaction says it all:

"Inhumans" will debut on IMAX screens starting September 1, and will run for two weeks before premiering on ABC on September 29.