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In Toy Story 4 Super Bowl trailer, Buzz Lightyear needs help

Buy some stock in Kleenex, because we're all going to sob when Woody and Buzz say farewell.

Now playing: Watch this: New Toy Story 4 trailer closes out Super Bowl 2019

Start stocking up on tissues, because Toy Story 4 is going to require a lot of them.

Right after the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl on Sunday, Disney/Pixar aired a preview of the fourth movie in the iconic toys-come-to-life movie series. Tom Hanks returns as Woody the cowboy, with Tim Allen as his spaceman friend Buzz Lightyear.

In the clip, Buzz has traveled far from the toy box, and finds himself on display with some other toys as carnival prizes in a game of skill. The other prizes aren't too thrilled with the competition, but Buzz shuts them down with a well-timed helmet snap.

Fans knew this one was coming. On Thursday, Disney/Pixar tweeted that the sneak peek was coming after the game.

On Thursday, Hanks tweeted a photo from the studio showing what he said was the final line of the series. Nearly 200,000 people liked the tweet in just two days. Hanks has already called Toy Story 4's ending a "moment in history."

Toy Story 4 opens in Australia on June 20 and in the US and UK on June 21.