In The Midnight Sky trailer, George Clooney's epic beard sends a message

This Netflix sci-fi movie features Clooney warning everybody to stay away from Earth. We can relate.

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The Midnight Sky, coming to Netflix in December.


When the world is ending, only one thing can save us: George Clooney's mighty beard. The ER and Ocean's Eleven actor directs and acts in new Netflix sci-fi movie The Midnight Sky, but the first trailer reveals his luxurious whiskers are the real star of the show.  

This trailer for The Midnight Sky at times feels like a combination of Clooney's previous sci-fi movies Solaris and Gravity, except he was clean-shaven in those so this will clearly be much better. Based on the novel Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton, the film sees Clooney's beard attached to the chin of a lonely scientist stuck in polar climes during a global catastrophe.

The dual narrative then goes to space as Clooney desperately tries to signal marooned astronauts Felicity Jones, David Oyelowo and Kyle Chandler that they're better off staying away from Earth.

The Midnight Sky is scheduled to play in selected theaters in December, although a certain real-life global catastrophe may send a signal to stay away from those movie houses. No matter what happens with the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic, the film will stream on Netflix on Dec. 23.   

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