In new Netflix Space Force trailer, Steve Carell notes that 'space is hard'

"POTUS wants complete space dominance."

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

Steve Carell stars in the Netflix comedy Space Force.


The US Space Force may be a brand new branch of the military, but it's already getting the parody treatment.  Netflix's comedy Space Force debuts on May 29, and the full trailer, which landed Tuesday, reveals spacesuits, scientists, an explosive launch and cute animals in zero gravity. 

Steve Carell plays four-star general and decorated pilot Mark R. Naird, the newly appointed head of the US Space Force who may not have the firmest grasp of astrophysics. The plot is pushed by a desire to get humans back to the moon while also "achieving total space dominance." 

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"It has always been my dream to start something from the ground up, but space is hard," Naird tells a panel of legislators. That gives of them one of them an idea: "May I suggest that become the new Space Force motto?"

An earlier teaser showed Naird's unexpected appointment, complete with snickering over the very concept of a Space Force. It doesn't get too deep in the storyline, but there are hints of conflicts between the military members and scientists.

Carell is joined by John MalkovichLisa Kudrow of Friends fame, Jane Lynch from Glee and Jimmy O. Yang of Silicon Valley. 

So far, all indications are that Space Force will be a blast.

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