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'I Am Groot' Brings Marvel's Cute Little Tree to Disney Plus in August

Beloved Guardians of the Galaxy hero Baby Groot is getting a series of shorts.

A relaxed Baby Groot wears sunglasses and headphones, with a cutout tree air freshener to one side and a red drink in margarita glass to the other
Baby Groot looks like he's ready to adopt a new signature three-word catchphrase: "Good vibes only."

Before the title of cutest baby on Disney Plus became synonymous with Baby Yoda, the clear frontrunner was a tiny, twiggy creature from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Soon, it'll be time for Baby Groot to shine again.

"I Am Groot," a series of shorts about Baby Groot, grooves onto the Disney streaming service on Aug. 10, Marvel announced Monday. It also dropped a new poster for the show, which follows "Baby Groot's glory days growing up, and getting into trouble among the stars." Groot has a pair of headphones on and what I assume is a virgin cocktail handy as he chills on a beach towel and catches some rays. 

Baby Groot is a character in the Guardians movies that appears after the death of the treelike character named Groot. Rocket Raccoon plants a small piece of Groot in a pot, and it becomes Baby Groot. Series director James Gunn confirmed via Twitter that Baby Groot is not the same entity as Groot, and does not share the original's memories. (In 2018, he wrote that Baby Groot is Groot's son, but that tweet appears to have been deleted). 

A third Guardians of the Galaxy movie (and the final installment for the current team of Guardians) is scheduled to be released on May 5, 2023. Responding to an Instagram comment on Sunday, Gunn wrote that "I Am Groot" is "not canon to the Guardians saga."

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