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Hulu's new download feature will let you binge offline

Hulu isn't the first streaming service to offer them, but it is the first to add downloads that, for some members, also include ads.

Hulu is one of the rare subcription-video services that includes advertising for members of its cheaper tier. 
Joan E. Solsman/CNET

Hulu is joining the ranks of streaming video services that will let you download shows and movies to watch offline when you're on a plane or anywhere else your mobile device can't get a connection. 

Downloading shows and movies to watch them in your streaming-video service's app even when you don't have a connection has become more common for service's like Hulu in the last two years, especially after industry leader Netflix introduced downloading in late 2016. 

At a presentation to advertisers on Wednesday in New York, known as a Newfront, Hulu said that unlike other services, it'll be the first download option that also includes advertising in the offline viewing mode for some members. Hulu's $12-a-month option strips out all advertising, but Hulu's $7.99-a-month plan includes some ads.

Hulu said downloading would become available between now and through the summer of 2019

Also at the presentation, Hulu announced it has crossed 20 million subscribers and said that it was renewing its hit series The Handmaid's Tale for a third season, as it greenlit several other new programs. 

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