Hulu adds Starz subscription option for $9 a month

Hulu's fourth premium-TV network option.

Starz, home to shows like American Gods, is the latest network to offer itself as a Hulu add-on subscription.
Jan Thijs/Starz Entertainment

Hulu just got a little closer to a deep, premium TV super bundle. Tuesday, Hulu added paid network Starz -- home to programs like American Gods, Power and Outlander -- as a $8.99-a-month add-on to any of its subscriptions. 

That means that people who subscribe to any of Hulu's subscription plans -- whether its on-demand video or live channels, with or without commercials -- can watch Starz and Starz Encore live as well as catch its full programming catalog on demand. The Starz add-on also includes all the movies that the network has available. 

It's the fourth such add-on for Hulu, following HBO, Showtime and Cinemax.