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Hellboy movie trailer shows David Harbour with more humor, less horror

Hell, yeah! The first Hellboy trailer hits a day early.

Who was responsible for the first trailer for the upcoming Hellboy reboot accidentally leaking Wednesday morning? Could it be ... Satan? Regardless of who leaked it, Lionsgate apparently decided to give in and release it officially a few hours later.

"Looks like Christmas came early," the studio wrote in a tweet sent out after the video was posted earlier, apparently by mistake, then yanked down.

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Lionsgate did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the apparent leak. The video featuring Stranger Things star David Harbour as the half-demon superhero has been long awaited by fans.

Fans who liked superhero Deadpool's sense of humor will find much to like in the Hellboy trailer. The big red guy crunches snacks, battles with a balky elevator, and can't believe he has to show an ID at a secret headquarters inside a fish-and-chips shop. There's also plenty of gore and some swearing, so in case the title and planned R-rating didn't give it away, this isn't family-friendly.

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Two feature films, 2004's Hellboy and 2008's Hellboy II: The Golden Army, have already been based on the long-running comic  But Hellboy's creator, Mike Mignola, promises this Neil Marshall-directed reboot will be a darker, more accurate reflection of the character from the comics.

To be or not to be Hellboy? In an interview with CNET Magazine, Harbour said he plans to bring a bit of William Shakespeare's Hamlet to the new film.

"When I compared it to Hamlet, I was saying it's a mature movie with adult themes," Harbour said. "He's an adult struggling with adult things. It's not like whether or not I should kill the bad guy by punching him. It's more like, Who's the bad guy?"

In addition to Harbour, the film stars Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane, Sasha Lane and Daniel Dae Kim. It will be out on April 11, 2019 in Australia, and on April 12 in the US and the UK.