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Hear an a cappella group mimic iPhone sounds with remarkable accuracy

The group, MayTree, previously turned themselves into a Windows machine, complete with trash bin tones.

It's a human iPhone. 
Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

An a cappella group has turned its impressive vocal skills toward mimicking familiar iPhone sounds. 

In the video below, the Korean group, MayTree, reproduces sounds including the marimba, xylophone and guitar strum ringtones; a common text message alert; and even the sound that signifies low battery power. 

The alarm ringtone is no less grating when given the vocal treatment, but some of the ringtones are even more mellifluous than usual with a human touch.   

"I could listen to them perform Silk and Uplift for hours," one YouTube commenter wrote. "So beautiful." 

MayDay, a professional a cappella ensemble formed in the year 2000, performs around Asia, appears on TV and radio and records commercial and educational music

Lest anyone accuse the five-person group of being iOS-centric, they preceded their iPhone sounds with a video collection of Windows sounds. These include the melody of Windows shutting down and the classic crinkling noise that accompanies a file going into the trash.