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HBO hides secret Westworld trailers on dystopian website

A Westworld-like maze leads to arguably the best trailer yet.

Evan Rachel Wood plays Dolores in Westworld.

The latest season of series Westworld is set to change gears by letting Dolores and her sentient robot friends run free outside their theme park origins. To promote that, HBO released an official trailer Thursday -- alongside a bundle of hidden trailers.

Thanks to Reddit user u/MTC_Chickpea (via Gizmodo), those videos have now been unearthed from HBO's YouTube channel. u/MTC_Chickpea found the trailers on a website for Westworld universe tech company Incite, which has been lurking online since November.

By clicking on the "Privacy Act" tab on the front page, u/MTC_Chickpea opened up a video that unfurls a reel of fake backend code. It then plays the official season 3 trailer, and according to u/MTC_Chickpea, after a lot of replays new videos appear in the suggested videos, including three unlisted Westworld trailers.

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The unlisted trailers are mostly remixes of the official trailer's footage. The below is closest to the official trailer, but contains a new voiceover from Maeve, Dolores and Caleb.

This next trailer comes off more as a promotional video for a cheesy corporation, including not-so-clever words of wisdom.

And finally, this tongue-in-cheek trailer manages to turn Westworld into a rom-com. It's arguably the best of the three.

Westworld season 3 airs on HBO March 15.