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Hasbro’s making a lie detector party game

The Lie Detector Game, coming in August, claims to know whether you're telling the truth or not via your voice.

The Lie Detector Game claims to know whether you're telling the truth or not via your voice.

For $35, Hasbro's ready to set you up with some lie detecting board game fun this summer.

The Lie Detector Game is making its debut alongside this year's New York Toy Fair, where a lot of the year's upcoming toys are previewed. The little kit works via voice analysis, according to Hasbro. In the box is the lie detector, plus 64 cards with various questions to answer. Or, Hasbro suggests, "you can make up any yes or no question you want!" (It's made for ages 16 and up, so no, it's not designed to traumatize the little ones.)

If you tell the truth, you win a point. If you lie, you lose a point. That, basically, is the game. This is different from The Original Lie Detector Board Game created back in 1960, which was a crime-solving mystery game involving cards, and didn't include what claimed to be an actual lie detector.

I haven't played The Lie Detector Game yet, so I can't tell you more, but we'll take a look at it soon.

Last year, Hasbro made a wearable heart rate measuring stress-o-meter game, and the company seems to be increasingly dipping into novelty gaming as board games currently are having a bit of a moment. We have no idea how well this lie detector board game actually works... but if it's halfway decent, it'll be a disturbing little party novelty when it hits stores Aug. 1.