Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak materializes for preorder July 1

The cloak uses an app to show you disappearing on photos and video.

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Mike Sorrentino
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The Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak can help you vanish in front of your friends on photo or video.

Wow Stuff

The Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak is going to become a real thing this year, and its maker Wow Stuff announced that it will go on preorder July 1.

The cloak works somewhat like a green screen effect, in that it uses an iOS or Android app to film or photograph you disappearing. Those photos and videos can then be saved to your camera roll, and posted anywhere you would like to show off a vanishing act. Of course, you are not actually disappearing.

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I played with an early prototype of the Invisibility Cloak at the New York Toy Fair last February, and as a big Potter fan, the effect that version created really made me feel like I was playing with the cloak seen in the films. Perhaps the biggest difference is that the cloak itself is not transparent to the wearer, but the point is more to take fun photos and videos than to actually sneak around.

The cloak is going to come in two versions: A standard version for $70 that includes a foldaway stand to set up to place your phone while it films you and a $80 deluxe version that has a serpent intertwined border in its pattern and a tabletop tripod. Those prices roughly convert to £55 as well as AU$100 for the standard and £60 and AU$115 for the deluxe.

The cloaks are set to release later this year on Aug. 1, and have previously won a Toy of the Year award at Sweden's Toy Awards. While we haven't tried out the final version of the cloak yet, we'll update with impressions when we do.

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