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Harry Potter fans can watch Hufflepuff broadway comedy 'Puffs' online

The comedy play Puffs will stream online via BroadwayHD, iTunes and Amazon.

The off-Broadway play Puffs reveals what it's like to be a young wizard inside the Hogwarts house of Hufflepuff. 

If Hufflepuff is your Hogwarts house of choice, then seeing the popular off-Broadway play Puffs should be on your magical to do list as a Harry Potter fan.

Puffs -- also called by the play's full title "Puffs, or: Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic & Magic" -- reimagines events from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series from the perspective of the Hufflepuff house. 

Harry Potter fans will be able to catch the comedic wizarding play as it debuts online through the theatrical streaming service BroadwayHD on October 18. Puffs will then be available via iTunes and Amazon on November 22. 

Puffs tells the story of three geeky young wizards from the house of Hufflepuff and their misadventures spanning seven years as they attend Hogwarts as students. 

The groundbreaking part of this streaming announcement is that Puffs will be the first major Broadway or off-Broadway show to be accessible to see online when the show is still happening live.

 In fact, fans can still get tickets to the live show of Puffs in New York City through November 2019.

Usually, Broadway plays wait until they've officially closed before becoming available online or in DVD/Blu-ray format for fans. 

Puffs could prove to be an interesting test run for other Broadway and off-Broadway plays wanting to try online streaming as a possible way to reach a wider audience.