Hamilton's Disney Plus trailer brings Broadway hit to your home

The smash musical is coming to the streaming service on July 3.

CNET staff

Wildly popular musical Hamilton is coming to Disney Plus on July 3. A new trailer for its digital debut, released Sunday, transports you to the Richards Rodgers Theatre on Broadway. 

The musical, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, tells the story of US founding father Alexander Hamilton. The movie is actually the stage show, shot in 2016 with the original Broadway cast at the Richards Rodgers Theatre. The show won 11 Tony awards in 2016, as well as the 2016 Pulitzer Prize in Drama

In addition to the titular Hamilton, Aaron Burr and George Washington are among the characters on stage.

The movie was previously scheduled for an October 2021 theatrical release, but Disney opted to bring it straight to the streaming service given the coronavirus pandemic

Disney Plus will be the only way to experience the Broadway show for a while, since live performances in New York City are suspended until at least Sept. 6.