Hailee Steinfeld finally confirms she's in the new Marvel Hawkeye series

Plus, we get another look at her Kate Bishop costume.

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Kate Bishop from Marvel Comics.

Marvel Comics

It's finally official: Hailee Steinfeld is playing Kate Bishop in Marvel's Disney Plus Hawkeye series. The actor tweeted the confirmation, after a series of set photos showing her in the young archer's signature purple costume made the rounds online, removing any surprise to the announcement.

"Incredibly excited to officially share this with the world..." Steinfeld tweeted Thursday, her announcement coinciding with Disney's massive investor presentation, where new Marvel movies and release dates for Disney Plus series were revealed.

Steinfeld initially denied being cast as Kate Bishop, who's set to take over the Hawkeye mantle from Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton. But the string of set photos pretty much let the cat out of the bag.

Here's another look at Steinfeld on the Hawkeye set, captured earlier this week.


Hailee Steinfeld on the set of Hawkeye on Dec. 8 in New York City.

Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

It's been a busy time for Hawkeye news. On the casting front, Florence Pugh (from Black Widow), Vera Farmiga, Tony Dalton, Fra Free, Alaqua Cox and Zahn McClarnon were announced as cast members last week. Farmiga (The Conjuring, Bates Motel) will reportedly play Kate's mother, Eleanor Bishop.

Renner joined the picture party, posting last week on Instagram a snap of himself, Steinfeld and Lucky the Pizza Dog, aka Kate Bishop's canine sidekick, strolling around New York City.

Earlier the same day, Twitter user cosmic brought us a similar look at Steinfeld, Pizza Dog and Renner.

Steinfeld resembles Jessica Jones more than Kate Bishop here, but XRealm Matthews tweeted pictures from what appears to be a Brooklyn subway set, featuring Steinfeld in Bishop's signature purple.

Renner, aka the original Hawkeye from The Avengers movies, confirmed shooting had begun with a snap of his Clint Barton-labeled chair on set. "Ms Bishop ... we need you!" he posted last week on Instagram. Thanks to a video and not-so-clear images (both via Murphy's Multiverse), we already knew filming had been underway.

But let's focus on the real star of the show. Lucky the Pizza Dog leads the way in the subway, pulling Steinfeld along by his (or her) leash.

Who is Pizza Dog? Pizza Dog is a character in the comics, first appearing when Barton saves him. The golden retriever's tags reveal his name to be Arrow, but Clint renames him Lucky. An issue devoted entirely to Lucky's point of view reveals he calls himself Pizza Dog, simply because of his love of a New York slice.

Add Pizza Dog to the list of greatest Marvel characters you've never heard of. He was revealed to be in the series via concept art from a 12-minute Disney Plus featurette called Marvel Studios: Expanding the Universe that was released in mid-November.


Lucky the Pizza Dog!


If you weren't excited for the new series, expected to arrive on Disney Plus in fall, 2021, an adorable pup should be a draw. Otherwise, tune in to see Kate Bishop take over the mantle of Hawkeye under the tutorage of master archer Clint Barton.

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