Godzilla unleashes his fiery wrath in new anime trailer

In the first-ever Godzilla anime feature film "Monster Planet," the iconic kaiju goes head to head with giant robots as humans fight to reclaim Earth.

When the King of Monsters was first introduced in 1954's "Godzilla," he stomped his way through Japan, destroying homes and significant landmarks along the way. After 29 films, you'd think humans would know to stay clear of the famous kaiju character. But alas, we never learn. 

The anime feature film "Godzilla: Monster Planet," debuting from Toho Animation and Polygon Pictures, shows what happens when giant creatures ruled by Godzilla take over the planet after humans flee Earth in search of another planet to populate. 

When the humans' plan to find a better planet fails, they decide to return to Earth and overthrow Godzilla. Using impressive mecha technology (think giant robots), the humans take on Godzilla and his crew of kaiju pals. 

The new trailer, which debuted on Tuesday, shows Godzilla in all his fire-breathing glory battling humans equipped with advanced tech, but in the end who will win?

While there was a "Godzilla" animated series in 1978, this is the first anime feature film featuring the famous Japanese monster.

The anime film is co-directed by Kobun Shizuno ("Knights of Sidonia") and CG director Hiroyuki Seshita ("Final Fantasy"), with a screenplay by Gen Urobuchi ("Gargantia").

"Godzilla: Monster Planet" opens in theaters in Japan on Nov. 17, and later in November on Netflix.